Philosophy of Irish Athletics

DeSales High School provides an interscholastic program which is true to the school's Mission and Philosophy for Catholic Education.  The athletic program includes development of Christian virtue by placing emphasis on sportsmanship and teamwork, as well as physical skill development.  Winning is pursued as a reward for excellence in performance and not an end in itself. 

Irish Code of Conduct

DeSales Athletes are challenged to be ambassadors of our school and to rise to a special level of class and distinction.  Participation in DeSales athletics is a privilege and honor!  As a student-athlete at DeSales, you live up to the high expectations of the school community by being:

Confident in Attitude and Action

We can accomplish all things in Christ.  Put your hand to the plow and don’t look back.

Ambassadors of DeSales Ideals

Acknowledge that God is present in all things – and He is especially present in all people.  Realize the extraordinary responsibility that comes representing a school that carries Christ’s name.

United as a Team

Be a man or women for others.  A true team is a family united by their goals which includes mutual trust, respect, and hard work.  Be self-less.  Put the team’s welfare before your own.

Sportsmanlike - Act in a Just Way

Be charitable at all times - even under pressure.  Treat coaches, teammates, opponents,
officials and spectators with the dignity they deserve.

Ambitious for Improvement

Christ loves us just as we are, but He loves us too much to allow us to stay this way.  Seek out opportunities to improve yourself.  Remember, you’ll always get what you are willing to settle for.


Keep your priorities straight – exercise the virtue of temperance.  Faith comes first, then family, academics, and finally sports and activities.  Don’t compromise your character.

Passionate in Your Pursuits

Perfect love casts out all fear.  Don’t be afraid to give it all you have.  Participate with an energy that motivates others to do the same.

Lead With Vision

Have high ideals, and then work toward those ideals.  Seek Christ’s vision for yourself.  Seek Christ’s vision for life.

Responsible for Decisions

Keep your promises.  Your teammates, coaches and school community and family are counting on you.  Your decisions about living up to your faith, family academic and athletic commitments affect far more than just yourself.

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